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DJ Shindog

Steve Indig’s nightclub alter ego is DJ Shindog, best known as co-founder, producer, promoter, and DJ, for New Wave City, the alternative 80s dance party in San Francisco since 1992.


DJ Shindog is known for curating/spinning music, and creating nightlife environments in retro/legacy music formats: New Wave/80s, 70s disco/soul/funk, vintage soul, 50s/60s oldies, 90s alternative rock-dance. Since 2011, Shindog has produced and DJ’ed the Elvis Presley / David Bowie Birthday Bash, and since 2017, the live music Elvis Presley Tribute concerts.


New Wave City music podcasts on Mixcloud

DJs Shindog music podcasts on Mixcloud

New Wave City

Along with my friend Skip, I have presented and been primary DJ for monthly New Wave City parties since 1992. We play the alternative music from the New Wave era, and are generally thought of as an 80s party. I have an extensive vinyl, CD, and digital collection of audio and video representing 80s New Wave. I enjoy bringing the music from New Wave City to other events, including “Nightlife” at the California Academy of Science, San Francisco International Film Festival Opening Night party, and many other special events, and club parties.


Elvis and Bowie

I have presented the Elvis Bowie Birthday Bash since 2001, devoted to the music and legends of Elvis Presely and David Bowie, who share a birthday on January 8. With other resident DJs, I play the hits and deep catalog by the two music giants, accompanied by visuals of their music videos and other still and moving images. My spin off event is the Elvis Presley Tribute party, presented since 2017. This in concert experience features the San Francisco Elvis All Stars, wither master local musicians and guest stars, who have included world famous drag king Elvis Herselvis (Leigh Crow), punk music and activist icon Jello Biafra, rock journalist Ben Fong-Torres, and many Bay Area singers/musicians. 



I have been an oldies DJ since the beginning of spinning records for anyone else, starting with a 50s/60s rock era program in college radio, and then my first club DJ gig at a Mexican restaurant on a weeknight focusing on Motown and British Invasion. I’ve presented and DJed 70s parties, usually disco/soul/funk, and presented a recurring oldies night called Retro Reverb. I have extensive vinyl, CD, and digital collection of audio and video of 50s, 60s, & 70s music.

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