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Clean up Outer Mission  / Cayuga with volunteers

I'm the "Cayuga Clean Team Leader" in my neighborhood, organizing monthly volunteer days to pick up trash.  See below for the next events, and TWO important things everyone can do to make a difference in keeping San Francisco clean.


Thursday, Dec 7, meet 10am at Alemany & Seneca
Monday, Dec 11, meet 10am at Alemany & Naglee

Hi neighbors and generous volunteers, I won't be coordinating a cleanup on the usual monthly schedule on 3rd Saturday in December, but I will be glad to get any help on the days noted to clean two small areas that need some help. Thu 12/7 will be on the 2000 Alemany block, where we keep visiting to clear trash and dumping which sadly is a problem there. Mon 12/11 will be at the Naglee steps that lead from Alemany down to Cayuga; this is a regular path for many to access Cayuga Park, and unfortunately currently is quite an eyesore with trash, which can be resolved with a little attention. Each of these days will be quick, less than an hour.

Here's what you can do any and ALL the time:

311 - use this service to report dumping and other large trash. The app for smart phone is super easy - take a picture and send it via the app, and it usually gets picked up within a day! You can also use,  or call 311.


Adopt A Street - be a leader just on your street to agree to keep your block clean. Details here:

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